Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We Have a Birth Certificate

More good news from Haiti. I have attached a picture of the birth certificate, which is progress. We now know that Sheldon was born on 5/24/05 and he just turned 6 last month. We also can see from the birth certificate that Sheldon is a female- LOL. If you know french you may be able to comprehend more from the document.

We are praising God because this is another step closer to getting him here. Just so you know what is next, this document has to be signed by mayors of Jeremie and Port Au Prince. Once completed, Sheldon moves from the orphanage to a home that prepares him for life in the U.S. Once he gets to the new home, we are 9-12 months from his arrival(best case scenario). With a little luck, he can go to the new home in a couple of weeks, but that is very uncertain.

Continue to pray this momentum carries on. Each passing day means we are closer to having him here.

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