Friday, June 3, 2011

Some Movement Forward

We were blessed to meet with our group of 6 families(currently in adoption process) Tuesday night to get an update. Progress has been made and it looks as if the 6 birth certificates are ready to go to Port Au Prince for processing. A contingent from Long Hollow Baptist was in Haiti this week and able to send back this good news. We hope to have an attachment/photo of Sheldon's birth certificate soon to post on the blog.

Hopefully in 1-2 weeks the birth certificates will be processed through Port Au Prince(Haiti's capitol) and Sheldon will move from orphanage to the home where he will be preparing for a different life in the U.S. He will be there a good 9-12 months best we can tell.

Praise God for the good news. His timing is perfect and we excitedly await. Check back again as we hope to post his birth certificate soon.

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