Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Great Day/Terrible Day

The opportunity to bring Sheldon back to the guest house and spend an entire day with him has been one of the best days of my life. But that will crash down on Thursday when we visit and leave the orphanage for the last time. Our translator has done a great job explaining, but a 6 year old is still going to cry (as we will)when we leave and not understand everything. Please pray for Sheldon's comprehension and my strenght for that moment. I don't think there is a way to describe what it is like to see how the people of Haiti and the orphans live to do it justice. It truly breaks my heart to leave him for whatever amount of time, but in God's eyes 3-6-9-12months is only a brief moment. JC/Jeannie have to realize this and come back to our faith for support, grace and answers. I pray this week gives Sheldon true hope and excites him in what God has in store for him. Thanks to everyone for your continued prayer and support. I will upload all videos Friday morning when we hit Miami and a strong WIFI signal.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Meeting Sheldon for First Time....

I finally got the pleasure/blessing that Jeannie has enjoyed for some time now. I held child #3 today for the first time. The swell of emotion was there just like for Josh and Jana Claire. It was surreal to finally be in Haiti, face to face with Sheldon, after looking at pictures and videos for over a year now. He was as a cute as I thought. He is a pretty big ham, I think he is ready to give Jamison a run for his money.

I am already dreading leaving him Thursday night. Please pray that the adoption moves forward, and forward quickly. It will be so hard to leave him and the other kids. To drive up the hill to the orphanage and watch 100+ kids run to see you and mob you like a rock star when you get off the bus, it is unreal. I made some really good friends. Valina pretty much stayed by my side the entire 3 hours I was at the orphanage. I got into a wicked 3 on 3 soccer match, scored my first international goal. Never mind it was against 8-10 year olds who had so much better skills.

I apologize for no pictures and videos as promised. The WIFI works to get info, but videos are too big to transmit and keep getting rejected. Take care, more info soon.

Hello Jeremie Haiti!

Ever been on a plane that landed on a dirt runway? Well, cross that off my bucket list. I will add some video later. We just checked into the guest house and it is so nice. We are leaving in less than an hour to see Sheldon. Video on that as well soon. Thanks for the prayers so far, everything has been great other than a mechanical delay in Miami.