Friday, January 13, 2012

A month after the Haiti trip..........

Thanks to everyone again for their support and prayers thru this process. I've had so much fun telling people about my trip and about Sheldon after meeting him. The adoption coordinator for Long Hollow Baptist was in Haiti this week and is traveling back to the U.S. today. She says we've had some progress after meeting with the lawyer while in Haiti. We should have more details soon regarding that. We are excited for her too because she is adopting from Africa and now has a court date. That is great news for her family.

Please continue your prayers for us and the timeline. I think about Sheldon every day. I was depressed the first 2 weeks after I got back because he was not with us. I think only the spiritual high of Christmas got me back on my feet. There is something missing in my life until he is here though. I love to go to Google MAPS almost daily and check out the orphanage satellite image. I guess I think I will see Sheldon waving in the air to me (LOL). God's given me a peace about His timing, but it goes to show how much we still need Him to help us thru life. He can tell us many times how to act, how to believe and how to praise Him but we still are weak and fall short. Praises to God for His grace.

Check out Sheldon's home below. Hit the + to zoom in and see if he is waving today(LOL).

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